Sunday, March 10, 2013


Someone has started a very encouraging email circulating with the following FALSE information. 

NO ONE is paying any attention to the DICK ACT of 1902 (also known as the Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654 – June 28, 1902) that cannot be repealed.  This act states that gun control is forbidden.  In fact, it INVALIDATES all so-called gun control laws.  It is protection against tyrannical government (which we now have!).  Obviously, there is legislation that has superseded this law; but the premise is there.  The forefathers KNEW what they were writing when they wrote the Second Amendment! 

Before you get all excited, let me set the record straight.  Our constitution DOES have the provision for ANY congress to repeal ANY act of any previous congress.  Also, if you read the Dick Act of 1902, you will see that what it actually does is establish the NATIONAL GUARD.

Don’t be fooled into believing our 2nd amendment is safe.  It is indeed under attack and we must continue to keep a close eye on this corrupt administration.

Always remember, without the 2nd amendment, there IS NO bill of rights.

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