Sunday, August 9, 2015

Did Megan Kelly Cause Donald Trump to Self Destruct?

Everyone I have talked to about the “BIG” debate shares my opinion that FOX news was trying really hard to do as much harm as possible to Donald Trump.  I think you will agree that at the very least, they were anything but “fair and balanced”.  The big question is “WHY”

Well, here is some information that just may answer that question.   The records show that 21st Century Fox News Corporation has donated more than $3 million to Clinton family accounts.  Overall, this lands Fox as the Clinton family’s 9th largest donor over the course of the family’s political involvement.

Republican leaders who have watched Donald Trump’s surge with alarm now believe that his presidential candidacy has been contained and may begin to collapse because of his repeated attacks on a Fox News Channel star and his refusal to pledge his loyalty to the eventual GOP nominee.   A consensus is forming among the establishment Republicans that Trump’s campaign is now anything but serious.

I’m no expert on such matters, but I think the reports of Trump’s demise are a bit premature.  Even without being in Atlanta, Trump dominated the conference there on Saturday.  One after another, presidential candidates were asked to respond to Trump’s comments.  On stage, Erickson described the hundreds of e-mails he had received that morning from Trump supporters calling Megan Kelly “the c-word.”

The GOP establishment is doing everything in their power to control the electorate and drive Trump out.  He is not controllable, and he is not beholden to any of them.  For example, if the USA had really wanted to build a wall in the Southern border, it would have done so by now.  But there must be billions of special interest dollars (drugs?; trade?; illegals and the immigration attorney lobby; cheap farm labor?) that go to line the pockets of the politicians in power.  

If someone like Trump comes along, with no special interest ties, and actually closes that border, billions of dollars will dry up that are now lining the pockets of the political elites.

Trump supporters already knew he was outspoken and unapologetic, even to the point of sometimes being rude.  These so-called Republican pundits fail to understand that after seven years of a President who travels all over the world apologizing for America, they want an outspoken unapologetic leader who loves this country and will not bow down to foreign leaders.

Am I wrong?   If you think so, please post a comment. 


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  1. When Megan asked Trump about his language towards women, it should have been a simple question, but she felt the need to list every single name he has ever called a women. She really did not need to do that, she could have just said, “in the past, you have used offensive language during feuds with certain women”. She could have even brought up Rosie O’Donnell. But it seemed like her goal was for America to hear how he has spoke to women in the past, without the context no less.

    Trump supporters were so furious, they took to twitter to voice their outrage. One person ever threatened to “gut her”. Angry viewers blew up Megan Kelly’s face book page as well. Many people said that before this debate they respected her, but not anymore.

    Americans were so livid about her performance, there is now a petition started on to remove her from any future debates on Fox.