Monday, August 31, 2015

The uprising of the GOP base

Even though I am a Conservative and have been a registered Republican since I became old enough to vote, I really have no use for the RINOS which are now the Republican Party leadership.    

Trump is certainly not a check all of the conservative boxes to say the least, and he says things that shock the sensibilities of small government and free-market advocates.  
I’m sure many are sincere in their attempts to safeguard the Republican brand and conservatism as they understand it, but the elites of the GOP too often come off as apologists for the fat cat elites, often to the point of parody.  Unlike political hobbyists, most voters are not ideologues.  Many people vote viscerally and appearances and general impressions matter to them.  

Which candidate really cares about creating American jobs for the American working class, and more importantly, which candidate knows how?    If that’s the question for the angry GOP base, then Trump crushes Jeb, Lindsey Graham, and Christie.  That by no means guarantees Trump the nomination, but it certainly narrows down the field.

If nothing else, I sincerely hope that the uprising of the GOP base results in a makeover of the GOP leadership.


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