Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Iranian misdeal

What do you see in this nuclear deal with Iran? 
I see history repeating itself. 
In 1938, Prime Minister Chamberlain made a deal promising peace with Hitler. Months later Hitler invaded Poland.  In 1994, President Clinton struck a deal with our enemy, North Korea.  North Korea violated the deal in a few short years and obtained nuclear weapons.  And now in 2015, the United States has struck a deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran, the world’s foremost State sponsor of terror.
We've seen deals like this in the past.  Deals promising peace but result in bringing us closer to war.  We cannot let history repeat itself!  Why do we think that this deal will have a different outcome?  Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.  This deal will give them hundreds of billions of dollars and puts them on the path to getting nuclear weapons.  They continually chant “death to America” and burn our flag in rallies to celebrating the recent deal.  Does this deal really make us safer?  OR will it increase the likelihood of our children facing nuclear war in the future?


This deal has too many loopholes.

Under this agreement Iran is permitted to continue developing the centrifuges it needs to enrich uranium to weapons grade. Iran is allowed to continue developing and building intercontinental ballistic missiles. Iran will be able to keep most all of its nuclear infrastructure. Sanctions on Iran will be lifted long before Iran finishes making the changes in its nuclear program the agreement does require. We need to close these and other loopholes.
Sources: IAEA Report, June 2015; Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, 7/14/15; Reuters, 7/14/15; Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Twitter:  "Upon #Iran Deal implementation all sanctions will be lifted - not suspended."; MarketWatch, 7/15/15.


This deal does not allow surprise anytime, anywhere inspections.

Because Iran has violated over 20 international agreements and consistently lied to International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors, we cannot trust Iran to abide by this agreement. As every official from the President on down has said, we must have surprise anytime, anywhere inspections to know whether Iran is cheating. Yet this agreement, prevents those inspections. If Iran objects to a requested inspection, a committee which includes Iran, Russia and China would deliberate. While the committee is deciding what to do, the Iranians can hide evidence of their activity.
Source: U.N. Treaty and Convention Ratifications: 7/16/53, 8/14/56, 2/3/65, 8/29/68, 3/5/70, 6/24/75, 7/13/94, 11/3/97, 11/20/06, 9/26/07, 4/20/09, 9/21/10; U.N. Security Council Resolutions: 1696, 1737, 1747, 1803, 1835, 1929, 1984, 2049


This deal would fuel a Middle East nuclear arms race, making the world less safe.

Saudi Arabia already said it does not believe this deal will be effective, and that it will match Iran’s nuclear capability. News reports indicate it is planning to buy a nuclear weapon from another country. Algeria, the UAE, Qatar, Turkey and others are also preparing to become nuclear weapons states if this deal is approved. Any additional nuclear weapons in the world’s most unstable region just increases the chances they will fall into the hands of terrorists. Iran itself is the world largest funder and sponsor of terrorist groups in the world.
Source: Washington Post, 7/14/


Even if Iran’s leaders abide by this agreement, the regime will be dangerously close to having nuclear weapons.

Even if Iran does not cheat at all, this agreement will keep it only one year away from a nuclear weapon. After 10-15 years Iran’s leaders could get a weapon within two months. That’s just too dangerous for America, for Israel and for the world, when we are dealing with a regime like Iran’s. Only one country in the world has stated that its policy is to wipe another country “off the face of the earth”—Iran.
Source: New York Times, 6/23/15, Op-Ed, Alan Kuperman, Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin


This deal allows Iran to continue developing and to build Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles.

Iran’s government is spending hundreds of millions developing intercontinental ballistic missiles that can reach points around the globe. This agreement allows it to continue developing ICBMs. There is only one reason for Iran to have ICBMs: for offensive military action.
SOURCE: DefenseOne, 6/21/15.

200 retired US generals lobby Congress to reject Iran deal

A group of nearly 200 retired generals and admirals sent a letter to Congress on Wednesday urging lawmakers to reject the Iran nuclear agreement, which they say threatens national security.


Brief Summery
1.     We need to give a 24 day notice of inspections for facilities that are NOT on the list.  If Iran refuses, they can appeal to the committee that they sit on and have the ability to veto a decision.
2.     When requiring a soil sample from around facilities believed to be handling nuclear material, Iran can decide to provide the sample themselves.  No inspector involved.
3.     No Americans are allowed to be part of the inspection teams.
4.     Only inspectors approved by the Iranian Guard (secret service) are allowed to be inspectors.
5.     Iran has received, or will receive, over $100 billion in sanction money.  They went right to the Russians to buy weapons and delivery systems.  They have been hanging with the North Koreans at all missile launches and nuclear testing.
6.     The U.S. wants to require Iran to give a full accounting of its past actions.  JUST before the deal was signed, Kerry said the United States already knows with certainty what Iran did in the past and that a full accounting is less important than monitoring what it does in the future.  Then why did we ask for it?
7.     Iran can’t (or isn’t supposed to) supply weapons to others, yet they have been caught selling arms to many in their region, maybe to help see the fruition of “Death to America” or “Death to Israel.”
8.     We, the American people, were told nothing of side deals.
9.     Within 5 years they are allowed to purchase conventional weapons. Hellooo… they’re already purchasing them from Russia!
10. Within 10 years they will be able to purchase ballistic missiles. Newsflash, they’re already making deal with North Korea!
11. And, (this is the part I find unbelievable) Iran will be allowed to use its OWN inspectors to check out a site that is suspected of enriching weapons grade uranium.  

Can those on the Left really believe that a regime who hates us, that is breaking the same rules it says it will abide by before the ink is dry, who shouts “death to America,” is buying weapons from Russia, and learning how to make and launch nukes from North Korea can be trusted to do their own inspections?  

This is like letting a known pedophile baby set your kids because he promised to not touch them, all the while he has child porn up on his smart phone? REALLY?


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