Thursday, August 27, 2015

Is Ted Cruz Qualified to be President, and is he even Eligible?

We do know what traits are found in all of our most successful presidents regardless of party and ideology: courage of conviction, steadfast perseverance in the face of his enemies either foreign or domestic, and the ability to command the mightiest bully pulpit in the world.

Enter, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, whose critics scoff that he lacks the experience to be president. “What has Ted Cruz accomplished?” they sneeringly ask.

Well, for starters Cruz has been one of the most successful conservative/constitutional advocacy litigators in recent memory. He’s been on the winning side of numerous landmark cases involving states’ rights, religious freedom, and the Second Amendment (just to name a few) before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Like it or not (and I don’t by the way), with every governor in this country for the last several decades surrendering their constitutional authority to judicial tyranny (and that includes all the GOP current and former governors in this field), the federal courts where Cruz has a documented record of success are where the real conservative policy fights take place. And there, Cruz fights and wins, on issues a lot more nationally significant than a governor’s ability to make the trains run on time or sign pro-life legislation that courts will just nullify later on anyway.

Thus, it could be argued there isn’t a candidate in the 2016 GOP field who has done more to defend our liberties than Cruz has.

We have three branches of government, and right now (unfortunately) the most powerful among them is the judicial branch. No one in this race has Cruz’s experience and track record of success within that branch.

Another branch of government is the legislative branch. To win the seat in the U.S. Senate he now holds, Cruz had to assemble a campaign capable of beating the GOP establishment—including Karl Rove and the Bushes. And he had to do it in one of the most expensive campaign states in the country. Texas claims six of the nation’s top 100 television markets, and its vast size makes a trip from Dallas to El Paso within its own borders twice as far as one from Chicago (Illinois) to St. Louis (Missouri).

And Cruz didn’t just beat the establishment, but he beat the hand-picked Lt. Governor backed by Governor Rick Perry at the time to do it. Therefore, in addition to defeating Leftist judges in court, Cruz has proven he can defeat the feckless GOP establishment that often nominates and/or confirms those same judges. For example, fourteen of the judges who have attempted to nullify pro-marriage laws were Republican appointees.

So tell me, who else in this strong 2016 presidential field has shown they have what it takes to beat the courts and the GOP establishment – the two biggest obstacles standing between conservatives and the Democrats?

Cruz has already compiled a record of success at the highest levels of two of our three branches of government. That doesn’t mean he’s automatically entitled to your support as the next head of the executive branch. But it does mean he’s earned at least an opportunity to make his case.

Unless you don’t think a Lincoln, Eisenhower, or Madison has anything to offer.

I have heard a lot of discussion as to whether or not Cruz, Rubio, and Jindel meet the constitutional requirements to be eligible to become President.  All I can say to that is; “if Obama is eligible, then these three men are most certainly eligible”.    

One thing that I feel certain of is that Ted Cruz is not part of the "Politician" class. I remember his all night filibuster and was impressed at the way he handled the attacks from both sides toward the end, and I have admired him from that very moment.    He is a man who represents his constituents and has a phenomenal upbringing and family.  He brings class to the debate and he is one of the candidates that I strongly support at this time.  

As soon as some of the lesser inconsequential candidates disappear, more focus will be placed on the message of the strongest few that remain.  Personally, I sincerely hope Cruz will be one of those strongest remaining, and I believe he will be.   At least we can look at Ted Cruz's college transcripts. No one can find out anything about Obama's background!  He is a total blank!

If a President puts Americans and America first, builds a military that can protect us, can lower taxes and bring jobs back to America, then he is qualified.  But if that person hates America, hates white people, makes decisions that intentionally hurt America, skyrockets welfare, supports looting and rioting and martyrs thugs and criminals, apologizes to other countries and bows to them, appeases terrorists, and praises Islam, then only the Democrats think he's qualified.


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