Friday, August 28, 2015

I would LOVE to see a TRUMP/CRUZ ticket...2nd choice would be a TRUMP/CARSON ticket...

Ann Coulter Introduces Trump At Iowa Speech: "God Hasn't Given Up On America Yet"

Conservative political commentator, Ann Coulter, supports Donald Trump’s controversial immigration-reform proposals.

She called the Republican presidential front-runner’s ideas, which include deporting all 11 million undocumented immigrants, “absolutely magnificent.”

“I feel like I’m dreaming. I can’t believe I’m turning on the TV and seeing people even talk about anchor babies. I want to kiss (Trump) for refusing to back away from that phrase,” Coulter declared.

Later in the interview, she said: “(The term) ‘anchor babies’ comes from a footnote in a Justice Brennan decision from 1982; the idea (that) this is why our ancestors fought at Valley Forge – so that illegal immigrants could run across the border, drop a baby and that baby would be a citizen and could bring in the whole family and start collecting welfare right away. I mean, there are nearly half a million a year anchor babies coming in. The idea that a country has no control over who gets to be a citizen in our country is utter madness.”

Coulter accused the news media of trying to “never let Americans think about immigration because they know if we get into the debate they’re going to lose.” She added: “There are too many left-wing groups out there working overtime to keep pumping in the most pleasant, poorest cultures in the world to just keep block voting for the Democrats.”

I would LOVE to see a TRUMP/CRUZ ticket...

2nd choice would be a TRUMP/CARSON ticket...



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