Thursday, September 24, 2015


Why does Obama insist he is a Christian when we all know he is not?
No true Christian would speak, believe, lie and perform the circus act of hypocrisy and obnoxious, brazen lies and political speak that Obama does to appease and pacify the elements of the population he wants to deceive, insult and break down.

And don’t forget, way back in 2008 he stated that he was a Muslim.  There’s a video of it which will live in infamy on YouTube. Here is the link:

Now he proclaims he is a Christian.  He even attended an all black, very racist church for several years, so what’s going on with this guy?  Well, here is the reason.  Obama as always watched the polls to keep in touch with what his voter base likes and dislikes.  He doesn’t really care what us Conservatives like, he just wants to keep his voter base.  So, he continues to pretend to be a Christian, even though he has nothing but contempt for the church.

Pew Research Center asked people to rate religions. Turns out that black Protestants take a very dim view of atheists.  In fact, only 30% of black Protestants have favorable views of atheists.  The President has needed black voters to support him.  If he goes full atheist, he’d see a dent in that support.

Obama may be the worst President this country has ever had, but he is not stupid.  He is very smart when it comes to politics, or he would never have gotten as far as he has.  If he was half as skilled at running the country as he is at political manipulations, he would have made a great President.  He has been clever enough to get everything passed, with or without the help of Congress.  Unfortunately though, everything he has done has been bad if not downright disastrous for the country.


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  1. That is so very true. He never ever will be a God or King of the USA. He wants that so very bad. There will never be a King of the USA as God is the King of the USA and that is not obama and michelle (michael). obama has pretended to be black so that he could get the blacks in his communist agenda. He could care less for the blacks. If he did, then why is Chicago the most deadly place on earth for killings of black on black. The guns come from Mexico and other countries. He hasn't done anything for the people of the USA and if he had, the blacks would have had better schools, education would have been number one. He could have helped them get jobs instead obama has shipped all of our jobs out of this country. I am tired of buying things made outside of the USA and especially China. They don't know how to build things the right way for the USA people. obama has been trying for 7 years to take all of our laws away from us. He is having a little trouble with the 2nd amendment, guns. The shootings that happen has NOTHING TO DO WITH GUNS. They have to do with the SICKO PEOPLE. Why hasn't people turned these people in to get help? They are part to blame for the killings when they could have reported these sick people in to get help. HAVE YOU SEEN A GUN GET UP AND START SHOOTING BY ITSELF? Not unless it was manipulative by a person. THIS IS A WARNING, IF obama wins at taking our guns, YOU WILL NEVER HAVE FREEDOMS. He has his people ready to go from house to house, apartments, etc. and THEY WILL TAKE YOUR GUNS, AMMO AND FOOD. You will be put in the Fema camps through out the USA and you will be treated like Hitler did to the JEWS. Is that what you liberals, activists, rag media, radicals, etc WANT? I don't .