Friday, September 18, 2015

WARNING...The Sea Levels are Rising...WARNING

I read an article the other day written by one of those wacky climate change alarmist, warning mankind to stop burning fossil fuels because the CO2 was causing global warming, which was melting the polar ice, which was causing the sea levels to rise, which was going to destroy mankind.
That may be the longest sentence I have ever written…

It is true that climate change does exist. It is also true that the sea level is rising.   It is also true that BOTH have ALWAYS been occurring and are not caused by mankind burning fossil fuels.

The main cause of rising sea levels, in my opinion is erosion, which we cannot eliminate, but we really could reduce.  If you have ever seen the Grand Canyon, you have seen the result of erosion by a single river. Where do you think all those thousands cubic yards of soil and rock ended up?  Yep, on the ocean floor which raised the sea level, and there are a bunch of rivers and streams on this planet.  There is also erosion of beaches by the surf and tides.  And let’s not forget erosion by wind.

Another cause of rising sea levels is volcanic activity, and I’m not just talking about the visible lava flow that you can actually see flowing into the ocean, like in Hawaii.  There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of under water volcanoes out there in the oceans.

Another cause of rising sea levels is space dust, or “cosmic dust” falling to earth.  I know some will be skeptical of this one, so I included a couple of links.

If 60 tons of space dust fall to earth every single day, a heck of a lot surely ends up in the ocean.   

There is no Scientific Global Warming Consensus, and there never has been.

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