Sunday, September 13, 2015

This is Fishier than a Sardine Smoothie.

Have you heard the news that all of a sudden Iran has discovered they have a whole lot more uranium than they thought they had?   
Did you think that the timing of this “discovery” was a wee bit suspicious?  Well, I think it’s a whole lot more than a wee bit suspicious.   I think it’s fishier than a sardine smoothie.
I think it’s all about campaign donations for the DNC.   If you GOOGLE “Hillary Clinton + Uranium Deal” I’m pretty sure you can connect the dots.
Consider if you will, the following list of coincidences:

COINCIDENCE #1…When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State; she approved a sale to Russia.

COINCIDENCE #2…That sale was for uranium mines in America.

COINCIDENCE #3…Shortly after that sale, a bunch of rich folks in Russia paid bill Clinton 200,000.00 dollars for a half hour speech... now who in there right mind, in Russia or anywhere else, would pay bill Clinton 200,000.00 dollars for a thirty minute speech?

COINCIDENCE #4…Obama and John Kerry work their butts off to push through the infamous Iranian Nuke deal which along with a bunch of other idiotic things would remove the sanctions on Iran.

COINCIDENCE #5Iran says they just recently found a mysterious deposit of uranium in Iran…Yeah well they had to say that or the IAEA would be asking some pretty ugly questions.

Of course none of these “coincidences” really prove ties to campaign donations to the DNC, but Obama knows how to extort money out of everyone.  With his ties to Chicago gangsters he has pros working for him.
The whole world wants in on the Iran deal to capitalize on the fortunes to be made there.   I’m sure there will be all sorts of back room deals made.    
American corporations make donations to the DNC, and in return Obama delivers the Iranian markets to their door step...That's how Chicago style politics works...

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