Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Obama dismissed all warnings.

The White House was warned three years ago ObamaCare would not work!

Three years ago David Cutler, a trusted healthcare adviser to the President’s 2008 campaign told the White House that they were headed for a disaster.  The people in charge didn’t have the ability to carry it out.

Nobody involved had any business experience, let alone any involvement in a business start-up.  And nobody was coordinating regulations, policy, and technology

The White House did what they understood; they rolled out a political campaign instead of a viable healthcare plan.  Everything was done in secret and pretty much on a need-to-know basis (like you would expect from the most transparent administration in history). They politicized every aspect of the program and the roll out.  And, they spent about $650 million on it before they found out the website, (which was the easy part) wouldn’t work.

Obama dismissed all warnings. Apparently they didn’t fit his plan to fundamentally change the country.  He relied on appointed bureaucrats and senior White House health care advisers. (TRANSLATION: Campaign donors and political supporters)

Complaining about the glitches on the healthcare website is like complaining about the color of the paint on a time bomb.  Just wait until people start trying to use their new insurance.  You have no way of knowing who has access to your private information.  People on individual plans are already having shock, and it turns out that you not only don’t get to keep the health insurance you like but you’re not likely to have access to either the hospital or the doctor you like either.

READ MORE HERE:    http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505263_162-57610620/obamacare-memo-reveals-health-care-adviser-warned-w.h-was-losing-control-3-years-ago/


You want to talk numbers?  Here’s some numbers…

41,000. That's the number of hospital staff that were laid off so far in 2013 - including more than 8,000 in the last month alone, as ObamaCare is phased in. Thousands more are expected to follow.

$30 billion. The amount of our money
Washington has spent so far on a government-backed medical record database - a system that isn't even close to being operational by its 2014 deadline.

$634 million. The massive amount of taxpayer dollars wasted on building the ObamaCare website - a website that has crashed frequently. This website is so expensive that it cost more to build than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

300%. The increase a father of six and small business owner, Jeremy Nichols, will have to pay for healthcare in
Alabama - for the exact same coverage.  His family premiums are skyrocketing from $463 a month to $1,012 a month under ObamaCare.

Five. The number of people in the state of
Iowa who enrolled in ObamaCare in the first two weeks of October. Since Iowa's current population is just over 3 million, only a pitiful 0.0001% of Iowans bought plans through ObamaCare, despite massive taxpayer expense.


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