Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pot problems in Colorado schools

Pot problems in Colorado schools increase with legalization

In two years of work as an undercover officer with a drug task force, Mike Dillon encountered plenty of drugs. But nothing has surprised him as much as what he has seen in schools lately.


  1. I read the article and couldn't help but wonder if I had ever seen marijuana in school particularly 6-8. Yes I had and a plethora of other illicit substances. But the drugs I was already accustomed to seeing were the medicine that currently cause more overdose fatalities a year than all other drugs combined or automobile accident related deaths. Furthermore are these kids kids smoking pot now and foregoing the drinking and driving we've all done 100 times? If so then I'd say that's better than the alternative. Regardless I believe its a trumpt up story for the sake of "steering the pot" no pun intended

  2. Thanks for comment. This article was talking about MIDDLE SCHOOL students. They are too young to drive.