Tuesday, November 12, 2013


How’s that “hope and change” thingy working out for you”
Obama’s record is quite impressive.  Why just this month he has broken two very ominous records.
  1. For the last 13 months Food Stamp enrollment in America has not fallen below 47 million people. That’s almost 1 out of every 7 Americans.
  2. 91,540,000 Americans were not in the workforce in October. This number is a record high. That’s more than 1 out of every 4 Americans.


Either one of these numbers on it’s own would, of course, be bad enough.  However, when you consider them together they tell a more complete story about Obama’s infamous “hope and change.  The Democrat Party likes to campaign by claiming to be for the poor and middle class.  The Democrats have led this nation for almost six years now and have had the opportunity to liberalize the government and the economy in that period… all that they have accomplished is to make everyone poorer.

The record speaks for it’s self.  More people than ever need food stamps, and more people than ever aren’t even trying to find work anymore.  This is what the Democrats policies bring us.   They keep making promises to the poor, and the poor keeps voting for them, and they are still poor.  The only people getting rich these days are the Democratic Politicians. 
Wealth disparity can be a problem, but not in a free market system.  The rich getting richer shouldn’t be a worry, unless the poor are getting poorer. If the rich are getting richer faster, then the poor are also getting richer – so it shouldn’t be a problem.   The rich must be successful in order to create good paying jobs for the poor.
In America as the rich get richer… everyone else does too.  That is, until the Democrats take over and screw everything up.  Now, only the politicians and their cronies get richer… and everyone else suffers.   That is not the hope and change we wanted, but I knew all along that’s what we would get…


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