Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Can anyone honestly be shocked to learn that a man of Donald Trump’s age has at some time in his life said something controversial and sexually explicit?  
This remark everyone is so upset about was in a PRIVATE conversation eleven years age.   Trump must not have very much dirt in his past if the best they can dig up is a little bit of locker room talk in a private conversation eleven years ago.  Who among us has never said anything in a private conversation that we hope will always remain private? 

Let’s not be distracted from the truth of the message merely because of the imperfections of the messenger. While at times expressed rather bluntly, Donald Trump has questioned conventional wisdom and gone against the grain in ways only someone who is not a member of the political class can do.  His non-political background give him a sort of popular legitimacy and grass roots appeal that cannot be denied or controlled by the mainstream media.  He has proven to be resilient in the face of attacks, and in many cases he is actually benefiting from negative publicity.

The news media are afraid of him because of this. They are so accustomed to being able to build people up and take them down with ease, that the Trump candidacy’s resistance to shocks makes them question their own power and relevance.  Because they cannot take him down, they cannot control him, and that scares them even more.  The mainstream media know that if they cannot succeed in destroying Donald Trump, they are not in control, and that’s why they decided to this eleven-year old recording.

Just remember; he is NOT running for the position of Pope, he is running for the office of President.   Having said that, if we WERE electing a pope and the only two choices were Trump and Hillary, I would not have any trouble deciding.  As I have said before; compared to Hillary, Trump is a saint.

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  1. We all must keep in mind that this election is about saving our country and our precious freedom. It is about how we will move out of a downward spiral and up to the greatest place on earth. It is about Supreme Court justices who will uphold our constitution and save our freedom for our future generations.
    Donald Trump truly loves and respects our laws and our freedoms and rights. Hillary does not…