Monday, October 3, 2016


Is the Obama Administration leading America into World War 3?

One of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad's most important political allies told Russian media it is time to "admit a Third World War is taking place in Syria, one which is led by the U.S. and its allies-even if these allies are simultaneously victims as well."

And while the startling comments seem extreme, pastor Carl Gallups, author of the new book "When The Lion Roars," and a student of Middle Eastern geopolitics, says he finds it hard to disagree with that analysis.

The declaration World War III is already underway came from Tarek Ahmad of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, one of the parties which forms part of the pro-Assad coalition in the shattered country.

The party's armed wing, "the Eagles of the Whirlwind," has lent support to the Assad regime in the ongoing civil war. Ahmad accused
America of trying to secure "control of the world" and subduing any independent world power, including China and Russia.

The comments come at a time of sharply increased tension in
Syria, as a newly brokered "ceasefire" has already collapsed after only a week. American diplomats also abruptly have increased their anti-Russian rhetoric in recent days, accusing Russia of supporting "barbarism" by backing Assad.

Meanwhile, Vitaly Churkin,
Russia's ambassador to the United Nations, said peace is "almost an impossible task now" and alleged the United States is sending heavy weapons to Islamist rebel groups in Syria, including the al-Nusra Front, which was formerly aligned with al-Qaida.

The Syrian military also is claiming it has a record of the
U.S. military communicating directly with ISIS during a bombing raid which killed dozens of Syrian Army personnel.

The Syrian government accused the
United States of deliberately bombing Syrian soldiers and then halting the attack when ISIS forces advanced.


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