Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Obama warns People to NOT Expose Voter Fraud

Obama Issues SICK Warning To Any American Who Tries To Expose Voter Fraud

Massive voter fraud is taking place RIGHT NOW, in early voting stations across America.  People have been caught voting more than one time.  People have been caught destroying votes for Trump.  People have been caught stuffing the ballet box with votes for Hillary.  Reports are flooding in of a sinister issue with the electronic machines, as votes for Donald Trump are automatically being switched to Hillary Clinton.  They claim is is an accident, a malfunction with the machines, but if that is the case, why has there been NO cases of a Hillary vote being switched to Trump?

Republicans had a plan to expose the Democrats’ scam, but when Barack Obama caught wind of it, he stepped in, issuing a brutal warning to anyone who tries to expose Hillary’s fraud.  Well, I say Obama can go to Hell and take Hillary with him.

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