Sunday, October 30, 2016


Because Everyone needs something to Hate.

I admit that it’s been a few years sense I last read the Constitution, but I’m pretty sure it doesn't mention any enumerated power of the federal government that allows forced purchase of government sponsored anything.  I do not remember It saying anything about the federal government taking over any industry and running it on behalf of the people.

It seems to me that's communist/fascist/Marxist technique personified. We are supposed to be a free market nation.  We are supposed to have a limited federal government, not a government that has some 25 plus agencies with the word "health" in the title" run by federal employees.

Obama's takeover of the auto industry was bad enough, but at least we were not all forced to purchase Chevy Volts or pay a huge fine.  Obamacare was just Hillarycare warmed over (and not very well) and we were actually forced to purchase health insurance by the Federal Government.

I sometimes wonder if anyone in the current administration actually ready the constitution or bill of rights?  Please name the founding father who said that some day the government would become the nation's shop keeper, health provider, supplier of all things necessary? Let me know when you find one because I certainly can't.  Give me a free market where demand determines availability and competition provides price controls.

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