Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Armed Police Clash with Unarmed Vets

Armed Police Clash with Unarmed Veterans outside the White House Gates
Yesterday, vets from all around the country converged on D.C. to demonstrate against Barack Hussein Obama’s continued contempt for America’s veterans.   They tore down the Barry-cades which were wrongfully placed around the privately funded, open-air, always open WWII memorial and dropped them off at the white House.

Watch these armed police clash with irate military veterans outside the White House yesterday:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClwYB4std04

Today, the Obama Administration ordered that the gates that were removed from the WWII Memorial by protesting veterans be taken from the White House lawn and put back up at the WWII Memorial.

Here’s a photo, showing the Barry-cades once again forbidding vets from entering the WWII Memorial.


  1. Honestly do you think the country would be in such turmoil if Gary Johnson had gotten the Republican nomination?

  2. Thanks for the comment Jose. Yes we would be in exactly the same mess because he would have lost to Obama by an even larger margin than Romney did. Never underestimate the stupidity and/or apathy of the current day American voters. .