Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why am I not happy?

Our government is going to increase our debt so we can pay interest on out debt.  John Boehner got a standing ovation and the world economy is saved.  So why am I not happy? 
Because, if it were not for things constantly changing for the worse, we would have no change at all.

The day before 9-11-2001, the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Defense budget had lost 2.3 trillion dollars.   SOURCE is this video:   He called it “a matter of life and death,” but no one saw it that way the next day (9-11-2001).

The fact is that the books still to this day can’t be reconciled.  That’s 2.3 trillion, with a T.   I’m sure wasn’t just lost in the couch.  So did it line someone’s pockets, and if so, who’s?

The problem seems to only get worse each year.  For two years in a row now, the military has not been able to present financial statements that can be audited.  In spite of that, they still get a budget greater than the next ten largest militaries combined.   SOURCE:

And, it’s not just the Pentagon; it’s all of the Federal government.  Along with the Pentagon, the Government Accounting Office cited the Department of Homeland Security as having problems so significant that it was impossible for investigators to audit them.

Why should we give money to any government agency until they can show what they did with the money we gave them the previous year?  As taxpayers, we should demand our elected representatives get an answer.

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  1. I'm angry with my corrupt elected representatives in Congress--angry with the Democrats for trying to force on us an immoral, unjust, Unconstitutional, impractical, and unaffordable "healthcare" law against our will that only benefits them and the abortion, pharmaceutical and insurance industries.

    And I'm even angrier with the Republicans for abandoning their core moral principles under the onslaught of economic and fiscal crises and surrendering to the immoral and unjust dictates of a corrupt and godless president.

    I heartily applaud those eighteen House Republicans who voted against the Continuing Resolution passed on October 16 that returned our federal government to "business as usual." In the midst of this terrible debacle, as their colleagues' resistance to ObamaCare melted away, they alone--unthanked and uncelebrated by many of their constituents--demonstrated true leadership, standing strong and acting with the courage of their convictions while others all around them fell prostrate before the almighty dollar for the sake of convenience.

    They deserve our sincere and heartfelt thanks. We desperately need more of that kind of leadership in our country today.