Thursday, October 10, 2013


Some hard-core Liberals are beginning to Question the Obama Administration in general, and ObamaCare in Particular.

Jon Stewart is a good example.

Watch these two videos:
The next (very short) video is a follow-up on the first…Be sure to watch it.

The Democrat voting base are the people watching Stewart’s Daily Show for their news, and they just heard the Republican side of the argument straight from the lips of their own favorite Liberal talk show host.
Stewart may come across as a clown to you and I, but to liberal American twenty-something’s, he’s the closest thing to news they ever watch.
If Stewart is indicative of what they’re feeling, then Republicans are in a very good position to win this fight, providing of course that they have the guts to keep up the pressure.

And, CNN host: Obama should accept GOP proposal and delay ObamaCare for a year.


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