Thursday, October 3, 2013


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ObamaCare apologists have been trying to claim the system suffered a near-total crash on Launch Day due to its amazing popularity – “It’s sort of a great problem to have!” chirped Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius – but that’s foolishness to anyone familiar with computer systems, not to mention anyone who looks at the actual numbers on its traffic load.  The Administration is keeping one particular number very close to its vest, but Jake Tapper of CNN relayed a few others from the White House via Twitter: “4.7 million unique visitors to ObamaCare website, 133k calls, 104k web chats requested.”

That’s not very overwhelming for a decent commercial website, never mind a gigantic government system three years in the making, at a cost of billions of dollars.  The people who saddled us with ObamaCare claimed, at various times, there were 15, 30, 47, or over 50 million uninsured pleading for relief, which only a top-down trillion-dollar bureaucratic behemoth could deliver.

So, how many people actually bought some of that spiffy new ObamaCare?  Don’t ask.  ”The White House claims not to have a number for folks enrolled,” says Tapper.  Um… but they know how many unique visitors they had?  That’s what we call a bald-faced lie where I come from.  A multi-billion-dollar computer system that can’t immediately tabulate the number of applications it received?  If we took that seriously, it would be a good reason to bring the architects of ObamaCare up on charges, and ask them where all that time and money went.  (Investigations into that delicate subject are already under way, with a billion-dollar ObamaCare contractor facing allegations of outright fraud in Britain.  Our tax money is in the very best of hands!)

Naturally, if the number of people who signed up for ObamaCare was good news, it would get blasted from every TV screen immediately.  In fact, if this Administration thought it could get away with lying about the number for a few days, it would do so, under the Benghazi Protocol: say whatever it takes to get through this news cycle, dismiss the whole thing as “old news” when people get wise.

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