Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Questions for Hillary

Questions for Hillary
By Charlie Daniels
I am so sick and tired of watching debates with obviously partisan news personalities lobbing soft ball questions at the candidates of their choice and the candidates using their allotted time to tap dance around the answer to any question they don't have a pat answer to.

Anybody who expects the American people to put their trust and the future of their children in their hands should come clean, be honest and not hide from the truth on any issue.

It's time to deemphasize the convoluted stastical questions that people don't understand, and nobody cares if a candidate smoked pot when they were 15. Let's get down to where the public lives and try to understand what the candidate is all about.

I think this list of questions should be presented to Hillary Clinton.

Who called the stand down order in Benghazi?

An ad for your presidential bid mentioned you were better equipped to handle a 3am phone call. Do you realize you got the 3am phone and failed? Why, if elected, should we have confidence that you would act any differently on any future such calls?

Do you still believe that it makes no difference whether the four Americans who died in Benghazi were killed by a planned concerted attack or random violence?

At what time did you know that the excuse your department released about protests over some video causing the death of four Americans was an out and out lie?

What is your position on drilling for oil and selective harvesting of timber on federal land and the building of the Keystone Pipeline?

What is your position on the UN firearms treaty?

Do you believe in one world government?

What is your immediate answer to the immigration problem?

What is your policy on coal fired energy and what would you say to the miners in West Virginia and other coal producing states who say the federal government is destroying their jobs and livelihood?

What is your policy on global warming?

What are your feelings about America's role in the security of Israel and do you believe their capitol should be moved to Jerusalem?

In a day when the public education system and it's unions are so miserably failing our young people, what are your feelings on school vouchers and home schooling?

Do you believe that life begins at conception, and if not, at what stage of a pregnancy would you outlaw abortion?

How do you feel about a progressive flat tax that would save billions of dollars by doing away with ninety percent of the IRS and make tax forms simple enough for people to file their own returns?

Would you restore the cuts president Obama has made in the military and appoint people with a background in the armed services in the positions of power dealing with the military?

Would you continue or put an end to government cyber spying on citizens?

Would you close Guantanamo Bay, if so when and where would the prisoners there be shipped to?

Would you rescind the lawsuits against the state of Arizona, which inhibits them from enforcing the federal immigration laws Eric Holder's Justice Department refused to enforce?

Are you in favor of requiring a picture ID for each person who casts a vote and if not why?

What would you do to reduce the entitlement enrollments?

How would you reduce the national debt?

What are your feelings about American exceptionalism?

Do you believe that the answer to America's fiscal problem will be found in the private sector or bigger government?

Do you believe that America can spend its way out of recession?

Are you aware of and what would you do to stop human trafficking in underage children?

And as Joe Friday used to say, "All we want are the facts, ma'am."

What do you think?
Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem
God Bless America
Charlie Daniels
©Copyright The Charlie Daniels Band

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