Friday, October 25, 2013

Obama's Private Army Continues to Grow

Feds Spend $80 Million to Prepare for Possible Nov 1 Food Stamp Riots!     REALLY?

The DHS was never intended to be used on a foreign invader, so why did they spend $80 Million on Guns, Ammo, and riot gear.   Because they are now a part of Obama’s private army to be used against the American People.   It’s not just the DHS, all of the federally controlled departments, even the IRS.

Read the rest of these articles and see if you can connect the dots…

AND, at the same time Obama is weakening the Military…

If you still haven’t connected the dots between Obama, the NSA, TSA, DHS, IRS, and FBI and the Nazi, Gestapo methods they are using, then here is another incident that may help.

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